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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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My name is Ava Hache, I am in the seventh grade at Parkview School in Edmonton, Alberta. I have an interest in animals and cosmetics. My hobbies include baking and hanging out with my friends. I made the honour role for my school for both term one and term two. The inspiration for my science fair project came from both my mom. My mom works for a skin care brand and she is always talking about skin care at home. She also suffers from eczema and is always searching for a solution to help. One of my plans for further investigation would be to test lotions designed to help relieve eczema symptoms. It would be intersting to see how they compare to the moisturizer that won in my experiment. Something a previous judge suggested for further investigation would be to reapply the moisturizer because in real life we often reapply throughout the day. One piece of advice for a student planning to do a project would be to not do it right before its due. It took me a few months to plan and complete my project so procrastination was not an option.

Ava Grace Hache

Battle of the Lotions: How well does your lotion combat dry skin?
Ville:Edmonton, AB
École:Parkview School
Sommaire:Battle of the Lotions! Have you ever wondered why your lotion doesn't seem to work on your dry skin? I investigated ingredients in skin moisturizers and how they effect the moisture level of the skin. The experiment was done by testing popular moisturizing ingredients on Jello. Why did I use Jello? Because the gelatin in Jello is similar to collagen found in human skin.