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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Isa khan and I have been working on a Turn signal jacket for a year. Before I got started on this project I was very interested in electronics or anything to do with them. I started my learning by tinkering with a Snap Circuit set I had bought. It got me so amused that I started to study how these electronics work and went in more depth. That's when I came upon the idea of a turn signal jacket. Now that I have completed the model I look forward to enhancing it by putting a rubber layer over the wires under the most pressure to protect it from damage. Most students don't do projects related to engineering. It's usually something like chemistry or Genetics but if you do something about engineering it interests the judges because it is very unexpected and it will be more enjoyable. Cool electronics interests everyone, so if you want to get a good impression you should do a cool model or anything that is out of the box.

Muhammad Isa Khan

City:Edmonton, AB
School:Edmonton Islamic Academy
Abstract:This project is about a Turn Signal jacket that is used while biking (preferably cycling). It helps motorists see a cyclists location and position in poor visibility conditions. This can reduce the risk of a collision with the motorist and help keep regular or non/regular cyclists more safe around the world.