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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Hunter - I am Hunter Bannon and I attend Napanee District Secondary School, recently I have committed to York university to play football and to attend their engineering program. During my time at Napanee I have been a founding member of the science club NASA (Napanee Academic Science Association). This club puts together academic help as well as events for the community and the school. Being a part of this club has allowed me to inspire the school with the same enthusiasm for science as I have. This inspiration is what peaked my interest in my science fair project. I would want to continue the research of our project to get more information and to control the variables even more. We could also use the feed back given in the judging and apply it to the next steps. Advice I would give to students thinking of doing a project is to do what inspires and interest you, and to ask the big questions that lead to the meaningful answers.
Elizabeth - My name is Elizabeth Reid and currently I attend Napanee D.S.S with future aspirations for university in the fall for environmental/ geological engineering. I've always been interested in science and over the past year, myself along with other senior students have built a science club within the school that encourages everyone to get involved in science. My participation in the school extends to the athletics department and I also enjoy volunteering in my community. Extracurricular involvement gives me the confidence to participate in events such as science fair. The idea for the project was a team effort that had developed over time, by using information learned in class and applying it to modern concepts. In the future I would love to be able to use the information from our project to innovate a new branch of sustainability to benefit society. I would strongly recommend doing science fair because it is a great starting point to refine one's skill set for scientific research. The opportunity to gain useful experience is very rewarding. My advice would be to always have an open mind. The outcomes may not follow your plan but embracing challenges is the sign of a true scientist!

Hunter Bannon, Elizabeth Reid

Phenotypical Manipulation of Plants with Coloured LEDs
Region:Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
City:Napanee, ON, Bath, ON
School:Napanee District S.S.
Abstract:The growth patterns of Lactuca sativa were observed under blue, red and white light emitting diodes, with natural light and darkness controls. Photoreceptors act to convert incoming wavelengths into biochemical signals that result in phenotypic change. Signals of individual wavelengths correlate with specific phenotypes (Kong and Okjima, 2016). Manipulating the phenotypes of a plant is useful for increasing the amount of useable crop.