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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Emma Robertson and i am thirteen and in grade 8 at O'gorman intermediate. I live in Timmins Ontario with one of my older sisters and my parents. I enjoy playing sports such as ringette and dance. I would like to get into university to become a vet. I have won many sportsman like awards and medals but this is the biggest experience I have ever gotten education wise. One day the snow was finally melting and my dad was talking about how he wondered how it would effect the flooding this spring so i wanted to look into that as my project and see the outcomes of my experiment. So for my project i wanted to think about taking it further by making a bigger site for experiments and a longer amount of study time. For anyone who wants to do a project just try it out and if it doesn't work see what you did wrong and try to fix it. It is also a big learning experience it could turn out to be amazing and it is also a really fun experience too. if you have the chance take it, you wont regret it.

Emma Robertson

Snow Melt
City:Timmins , ON
School:O'Gorman Intermediate Catholic
Abstract:I studied how different land use affects snowmelt. It is interesting to see how different land uses can affect snowmelt differently. It is important to understand that landuse can impact the snow melt rate which may help to reduce flooding. I did twenty measurements for four days in different land uses such as open, transition and forested.