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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Ellie - My name is Ellery Bowman and I am in eighth grade at Holy Cross School in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. I am the goalie for two Ringette Teams, and forward for a rep Basketball team. In my spare time I enjoy reading and playing the Ukulele. My volunteer activities include: the HSCDSB Junior Senate, Youth Girls Leadership Group, and Healthy Living Program. As well as achieving first place in the Junior Division in the Rotary Science Fair, I have also been accepted into the Enhanced Learning pre-International Baccalaureate Program at Korah Collegiate. I have received defensive player and sportsmanship awards in Ringette. In the future, I would like to become a Forensic Anthropologist. For my project, I wanted to see if there was a correlation between participating in extracurricular activities and using electronics frequently, versus how well they perform academically. Further investigations could use a larger survey group to include students in multiple schools and even cities across Canada. If a student was thinking about doing a science fair project, I would suggest to choose a topic that relates to them. Doing this will make the project more personal and fun to gather the information to determine the final conclusion.
Leah - My name is Leah Johnstone and I attend Holy Cross school in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. I am a competitive figure skater and volunteer as a CanSkate program assistant at my local club. In my spare time I enjoy reading and going on walks around town with my dog. During summer, I attend John Island summer camp and meet new people from all over Ontario who become good friends. Last year, I was chosen to represent my school in the student senate program. I am also in the AP math and science programs to earn grade nine credits in which I maintained an A+ average so far. After highschool, I want to attend McGill University for their amazing programs and to immerse myself in a French speaking community. My partner and I thought of the idea for our project while sitting in our AP math class and discussing how we participate in extracurricular activities and are able to achieve high in academics, while others we know who do not participate tend to score lower on assessments. We continued to wonder if there is a correlation, and used the science fair as an opportunity to look further into our suspicions.

Ellie Bowman, Leah Johnstone

A Is for Activities
Region:Algoma Rotary
City:Sault Ste Marie, ON, Sault Ste. Marie, ON
School:Holy Cross Catholic School
Abstract:Our project surveyed grade seven and eight students to answer the questions: Is there a correlation between participation in extracurricular activities and academic success? Does the use of electronics affect academic success? This project can help students, parents, and schools better understand the importance of encouraging activity time outside of their academics and how limiting time spent on electronics may be beneficial.