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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Adam Selalmatzidis and I attend Northeastern Elementary in Garson, Ontario. I enjoy both academics and athletics. My extracurricular activities at school include basketball, volleyball, track and band, where I play the tenor saxophone. In addition, I play on a travelling basketball team and quarterback my youth football team. In my spare time, I enjoy building with Lego, astronomy and video production. The idea for this project came from my love for pizza. I identified a solution to eliminate the unnecessary four corners surrounding a round pizza in a square pizza box and the resulting environmental and economic savings. For further investigations, I would broaden my study and examine savings in other consumer packaging. The advice I would give to other participants is to persevere when problems occur.

Adam Selalmatzidis

It’s Hip to Be Square – The Square Pizza: Shaping a Solution to Waste Reduction
City:Garson, ON
School:Northeastern E.S.
Abstract:Inspired by my concern for our environment and climate change, I examined how we can use a square pizza to reduce waste. When a round pizza is in a square box, it leaves underutilized space in the box’s four corners; however, a square pizza of comparable area requires a smaller box and achieves space optimization that results in sizeable economic and environmental savings.