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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I was born in Yellowknife, NWT and have lived my whole life in Tulita, NWT. Tulita is about 650 kilometers north of Yellowknife. I love hunting and being out on the land, one of my favorite things to do is to go to Willow Lake which is about 65 kilometers from Tulita. I also love to play volleyball. I don’t know what I want to do after high school but I would like to go to college. I may be interested in being a mechanic or renewable resource officer.

Damian McPherson

Does Sugar Affect Focus and Brain Functionality?
City:Tulita, NT
School:Chief Albert Wright School
Abstract:Does Sugar Affect Focus and Brain Functionality? Teachers ban sugar from the schools before tests. I wanted to know sugar affects focus and brain function. I had five volunteers drink tea with sugar do a timed math test. The next day they did a new timed math test after drinking water. The volunteers marks were lower after drinking tea with sugar, the teachers are right.