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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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Rose - The inspiration for my project came from my own experiences and education. I personally find that there is nothing more frustrating or scary than being unable to use my devices in unexpected situations because they are out of power. This generation is very over-reliant on their personal devices, so when they aren't able to use them, they can be in very dangerous situations. Furthermore, during my recent years in school, I have been taught that people are striving for ways to produce renewable energy that doesn't harm the environment and earth. This gave me the incentive to merge both of these problems and see if we could use ourselves to produce electricity, as we will always have our bodies with us, no matter where we are. For future investigations, I want to try to increase the amount of electricity my device produces by improving the design and possibly branching out to other methods of electrical generation powered by humans. My advice for future competitors is to try to be original and work on a project that has not been previously done by other people. Strive to work and do research on your own ideas and things that inspire you.
Adam - I was inspired by this project by my community. As the society that we are now, we are surrounded by technology and most of my classmates own a cellphone. But while I was brainstorming I thought about electricity and how much we are polluting our planet with fossil fuels and many other damaging forms of electrical generation. So my partner and I came up with an idea of how about charging your phone by using your body heat. As a little kid, I had always wanted to invent something, so there came the inspiration. For many of my further investigations, we will try to reach out to a mentor for more guidance and research strategies. With this, I feel that not only I can be successful but everyone can be. For people that are thinking of doing a project, they should spend a lot of time brainstorming and planning and with an organized and dedicated schedule and students, it will go well.

Rose Moosavian, Adam Bizios

Can the Human Body be a Source of Electricity?
Ville:Toronto, ON
École:Windfields Jr. H.S.
Sommaire:Our project is about whether or not humans can be a source of electricity. This generation is heavily reliant on their devices, so when they run out of power, they can be placed in very dangerous situations. We want to help them by proving that they could use their bodies to produce electricity and we made a device to show that it's possible.