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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Abdulfattah - I got my inspiration from my mother who is currently battling cancer. Being the youngest in the family I wanted to make the biggest impact. Therefore, I wanted to study the effects of UV light on different cells. However, due to limited resources, we could only do algae but I would like to carry this forward to cancer cells and test different animals and plant cells. I would advise students that science is about quality. However, quantity is important but quality always comes first. We should always remember to use the correct methods and do statistical tests along with doing our test accurately. In the end, I would like to tell people to keep good intentions when doing science in the hope of creating a better future.
Sarmad - My name is Sarmad Alvi, I'm in grade 12, attending Regina Huda School. I enjoy working with computers, art, archery, reading, and playing video games. I am planning to become an electonic engineer in the future at the University of Regina. The project my partner and I have come up with is inspired from a similar project we did in grade 9, where we looked at how temperature affects the oxygen and pH of the algae and the water. To anyone thinking of doing an experiment, I would say to not be lazy and start as soon as you can, and plan everything out beforehand; otherwise, you will be panicking at the last minute.

Abdulfattah Aboguddah, Sarmad Alvi

How Does UV Light Affect Algae?
City:Regina, SK
School:Regina Huda School
Abstract:Our project is about how ultraviolet rays affect algae. We specifically measured the oxygen produced by the algae and the pH. We also exposed the algae to acidic environments, and fertilizer rich environments. We want to see how UV rays will affect plants since climate change will cause more exposure to it.