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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Allison Bennett and I am in grade 12 at Winston Knoll Collegiate in Regina, Saskatchewan. This is the second time I have had the privilege of attending the Canada Wide Science Fair. I am very passionate about science because I love learning how things work, and trying to make those things better. I plan to continue experimenting and staying involved with the scientific community next year when I am at the University of Regina in the Faculty of Science. Another passion of mine is flying. I have been an air cadet with 41 Hercules Squadron for 6 years, and hold the rank of Warrant Officer. In addition to teaching classes and being a survival instructor, last summer I achieved my glider pilot wings. I spend weekends gliding at 15 Wing Moose Jaw. I was recently awarded the power pilot scholarship, and will spend this summer achieving my power pilot wings. My advice to other young scientists is to not shy away from things you don't yet understand and to not limit yourself to resources you have at school or home. Expanding your horizons is a great way to learn!

Allison Bennett

An Investigation of the Antibacterial Abilities of Allicin
City:Regina, SK
School:Winston Knoll Collegiate
Abstract:I studied the comparative antibiotic abilities of garlic and garlic supplements. While garlic extract showed growth inhibition of all bacteria tested, the pills showed none. I learned that the concentration of allicin, a compound with antibiotic properties, is approximately 50 times greater in garlic extract than in the allicin pills. This suggests that the pills may not be a viable replacement for conventional antibiotics.