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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Ashton Tanchuk. I live on a acreage near Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. I go to school at WP Sandin High School in Shellbrook. I enjoy hockey, lacrosse and swimming. I also enjoy riding my quad and playing with my dog, Slapshot. I got the inspiration for my project "Swimming in Acid" from the research I did for my project last year. Last year when I researching environmentally friendly ways to clean up ocean oil spills I came across many articles discussing ocean acidification. Also,the effects of carbon dioxide emissions are a constant discussion in society today. In my research I found out about the mineral olivine. I investigated the effects of olivine in relation to ocean acidification but would like to further investigate other application of olivine in carbon dioxide absorption. My advice to other students would be to give yourself ample time to see the results of the experiment. Some projects take a long time to see the full effects.

Ashton Tanchuk

Swimming in Acid: The Effects of Olivine on Ocean Acidification
Region:Prince Albert & Northeast Saskatchewan
City:Shellbrook, SK
School:W.P. Sandin Composite
Abstract:I studied the effects of carbon dioxide, which increases ocean acidity and affects marine life. I looked at the naturally occurring mineral olivine as a solution to reduce carbon dioxide in the ocean. I investigated ways olivine could be applied to the ocean. My project is important because it can help reduce the harmful effects increased atmospheric carbon dioxide has on the ocean ecosystem.