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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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I am Josiah Hallett and live in La Ronge, Saskatchewan. I raise honey bees in the summer and this inspired me to develop my science fair project. I was interested in seeing how my honey would compare to other processed honey bought from a store. This experiment left me with many questions and I hope to expand on my project in the year to come. I enjoy hunting, fishing, running a small trapline, canoeing and anything in the outdoors. These hobbies fuel my desire to look after and preserve the wildlife and wild areas that I value so much. I advise students, looking to do a project, to work on something you enjoy so it doesn't feel like a chore but something to look forward to. I am thankful for the opportunity to come to the Canada-Wide Science Fair and look forward to a great week!

Josiah Hallett

Antibacterial Properties of Different Kinds of Honey
Region:Northern Saskatchewan
City:La Ronge, SK
School:Churchill Composite H.S.
Abstract:The goal of this experiment was to find various anti-bacterial properties in honey. In the experiment, bacteria was grown on agar and various types of honey were put on the plates and incubated. The results were interesting as they showed that the most natural honey killed the least bacteria.