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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Kim - Hi! I’m Kim Duong from Winnipeg, Manitoba. My partner (Hannah Ang) and I chose the project of using titanium dioxide to reduce air pollution because scientists say that if we don’t fix the conditions of our planet in the next 12 years it will cause a irreversible chain reaction. Which will not only lead to the extinction of our human race but, the mass extinction of wildlife around us. As the youth of not only Canada but, the world we wanted to find and raise awareness to solutions on improving the conditions of our earth. We referenced many scientist who experimented on actual buildings in Australia as well as small at home experiments involving this method. If other places in the world can do it why can’t we! If we were to expand on this project we would want to test out how this method of reducing air pollution would be affected in the winter since most of the references we used were based in very hot and sunny environments. If I was to give advice to other students who would do this project I would recommend getting access to more gas anylizers to see the effect on different gases.
Hannah - I am Hannah Ang and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba. I attend Elmwood High School which is part of the Winnipeg School Divison and I'm currently in grade 9. At Elmwood High I have joined many extra curricular activities and many programs. For example I joined my schools envirothon program and learned about environmental awareness and information about my environment. For our schools science fair our theme was building a better tomorrow and my partner and I though of environment issues and researched about air pollution and how to reduce it using the method of covering buildings with titanium dioxide. For further investigations with our project we would try another method of storing the car emissions in an airtight container for more accurate results, we would also want to get a nitric oxide gas analyzer to see if the titanium dioxide reduced the amount of nitric oxides. Advice I would give other students thinking about doing a project would be member your information and don't read from index cards because most judges like having conversations about your project instead of you reading your cards because they could read the board themselves.

Kim Duong, Hannah Ang

A Pollution Solution
Region:Winnipeg Schools
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Elmwood High
Abstract:For our project my partner and I used titanium dioxide to the reduce the amount of air pollution in our city. At our school for science fair we had the theme of building a better tomorrow, we chose our idea because air pollution is one of the most serious environmental issues today. This method is also a very effective and cost effective way.