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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My Name is Nathan Nesbitt and I live in Saskatchewan just outside Prince Albert National Park. Living and growing up next to a national park, I spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the lakes and wilderness of the boreal forest. I enjoy exploring the forest discovering cool bugs, interesting plants and berry picking; but I love the water! Swimming, boating and fishing is the best. Each year my family also enjoys a winter holiday in Hawaii where I get to swim and snorkel and explore the ocean and reefs. I have had many great adventures in Hawaii including watching humpback whales, swimming with an endangered Monk Seal and seeing a Tiger Shark attack a Green sea Turtle! Hawaii is where I first learned about the effects of sunscreen on coral reefs and why I decided to do a project on sunscreen. In the future I hope to continue exploring lakes, rivers and oceans and use science to help people make choices that are good for the environment and themselves. I love science; it’s fascinating to learn and discover how things work. I also love nature and want to help preserve it and I think science can help.

Nathan Nesbitt

A Safer Alternative
Region:Prince Albert & Northeast Saskatchewan
City:Waskesiu Lake, SK
School:Christopher Lake School
Abstract:Recently, the United States announced the ban of sunscreens that contain chemicals known to be harmful to coral reefs. This project compares the effectiveness of “reef safe” sunscreens versus sunscreens that contain the chemicals harmful to coral. Understanding that “reef safe” alternatives are effective will help people choose sunscreens that protect us and the environment.