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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Nicholas Bélanger and I go to an English school in Quebec. I am part of my local competition skiing club and play baseball in the summer. I decided to make my project because the redefinition of the Kilogram is very recent and has been in the news lately. The next step in my project would be to try and experiment different types of Kibble balances with different rotating points and different magnet and solenoid arrangements. The greatest advice i could give to anyone wanting to do a science fair project would be to just put a lot of effort into it and not let anyone tell you its impossible.

Nicholas Bélanger

The Kilogram
Region:Est du Québec
City:Mont-Joli, QC
School:École secondaire de Métis-sur-mer
Abstract:In this project, i will be describing the how the Kilogram has recently been redefined by a constant of nature; Planck's Constant. I will talk about the different steps in calculating Planck's constant using the Kibble balance.