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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Marlene - Living healthy has been a growing trend in the contemporary society. While all kinds of diets and workout routines have been tried, people often neglect the importance of gut health and its impact on overall health. Hence, the objective of our project is to sensitize the general population about the importance of their gut microbiome and the factors that affect its balance.
Jessica - My name is Jessica Liu and I am a second year CEGEP student at Marianopolis College. I have always had a passion for health sciences and after reading a very interesting article about the future of microbiome research, I discovered the perfect topic for a science fair project! Thus, my partner Marlene and I decided to create a tool that would allow people to discover their own gut microbiome and learn more about its importance. Regarding my hobbies and interests, I enjoy travelling, volunteering, playing music, running, and teaching swimming. I plan on continuing in field of health sciences next year and would love to study medicine!

Marlene Liang, Jessica Liu

Spill Your Guts!
City:Mont-Royal, QC, Montreal, QC
School:Collège Marianopolis
Abstract:Our design project consists of a questionnaire in which users input their daily food intake to receive personalized information on their gut microbiome. In the results the users obtain, there will be information about each macronutrient's effect on the gut as well as a list of the bacteria that are affected by the user's diet, along with information about those bacteria.