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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Im John Ronin Zoleta and I go to Holy Cross School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Activities that I like participating in include: all kinds if sports. I also like to draw and I like creating artistic designs. My future career im rooting for is an architecture that designs buildings. Awards/ achievements that i have gotten in the past include: winning a gold or silver or bronze in the holy cross science fair from 2016-2019, winning gold in relay race in track and field in 2018, and getting into numerous sport teams, like vollyball, badminton, and soccer. I got the idea for my science project from my interests of nature and architectural designs. I wanted to observe the wind flow when it hits a building, therefore, leading to the idea of my science project. Other further investigations that i would want to pursue for my project is the measurements of the wind force when it hits a building. Also, i would use more shape to be tested in my wind tunnel to find the best answer. Students should include my criteria’s when finding a project, it should be fun, gives knowledge, safe, and creativity.

John Ronin Zoleta

The Effects of Wind on Different Shape Structures
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:Holy Cross School
Abstract:The objective of this project is to understand the effects of wind on different shape structures. I studied four factors of wind when it hits a structure. I wanted to find the best shape structure that will minimize the effects of wind and to keep surrounding buildings and the people safe.