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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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Chelsey - My name is Chelsey Andrews and I go to Burntwood Elementary in Thompson MB. I am 13 years old and in seventh grade. I love to play basketball and volleyball and I am on my school's team. I am in Girl Guides as a Pathfinder. I would like to be a teacher or a basketball player. I am also a little bit interested in being an occupational therapist physiotherapist. I have been doing science fairs in my school since grade 1. I have been going to regional science fairs since grade 5 and got 1st place. I got 2ND the next 2. Lots of people have devices (Mostly kids) so we wanted to do something similar to that topic. We plan to do a year 2 of our project with more test subjects for the handgrip and more electronic devices and appliances for the EMF meter test. If other students were to do this project I would tell them to get lots of electronics and people for their tests, and to make sure they have a good explanation of their conclusion and observations.
Allie - My name is Allie Thevenot, I’m from Thompson, Manitoba. I am 12 years old and I am in grade seven at Burntwood school. I have entered my school science fair every year since grade one and have entered regional science fair every year since I was eligible, however this is my first Canada wide science fair! In my free time I enjoy reading and Girl Guides. In the future, I plan to attend university and become an elementary school teacher. I was inspired to do this project because so many people, in today’s society are constantly on their electronic devices, that I wanted to see if it had effects on our health. My suggestion for people wanting to do a science fair project is to find something that interests you, work hard, and have fun!

Chelsey Andrews, Allie Thevenot

EMF Exposed!
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Thompson, MB
School:Burntwood School
Abstract:People use their cell phones for many different functions such as alarm clocks, home offices, books, T.Vs, camera’s, and shopping. Due to this higher usage, people are exposed to more radiation from devices. We wanted to see how this would affect people’s health, so we tested different electronic devices and appliances to see how much radiation they gave off and if they affected hand strength.