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CWSF 2019 - Fredericton, New Brunswick

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My name is Alicia Gammon. I am a highly artistic student but am also extremely intrigued with the world of science! Space-Time Continuum, Quantum Theory, and Mariana’s Trench fascinate me. My passion is Art; I draw whenever I can and every piece of art I create embraces me. I enjoy sharing my art with teachers and take pride in leading my art class. Art calms and relaxes me, but I also enjoy music as it helps me focus. I welcome all projects/ challenges and have been rewarded in many ways. They are part of my life and who I am. For my science project last year, I researched and discovered that NASA space station is using lasers on their rovers to transmit data in seconds, this is when I discovered my first project. This year, I decided to upgrade my project by attempting to reflect a laser off several mirrors while still being able to receive data. In being successful, I have now made it to CWSF! If you were going to create a project, my advice would be to commit 100% because you might achieve something great and you will be surprised at what you can accomplish!

Alicia Gammon

Reflective Sound: Modern Applications of Laser Based Technologies
Region:North-West New Brunswick
City:North Tedagouche, NB
School:Superior Middle School
Abstract:My project title is REFLECTIVE SOUND. For this project I built a transmitting circuit, receiving circuit and a reflective setup. My goal was to reflect the light of a laser off 20 mirrors and have the laser light hit the opto transistor to play music in my external speaker. I chose this topic because lasers are becoming a very important part of modern technologies.