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ESPC 2019 - Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick)

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Cynthia - Born and raised in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Cynthia is a grade 10 student at Fredericton High School where she's actively involved through the student council, TEDxFrederictonHigh, and in athletics with swimming and badminton. In her free time, Cynthia volunteers at her local science museum and enjoys rowing and playing the piano. As a former Canadian female junior chess champion who has represented Canada at international chess competitions, she helps run her local chess club to promote chess at schools and senior homes. She believes chess is beneficial in helping brain development for kids and seniors. Cynthia has always had a passion for mathematics, she won first place at the NB Math Competition twice. She has placed first in school every year for the Waterloo Math Competitions and has appeared on the National honor roll. After being invited and attending a computer science workshop at the University of Waterloo, she was inspired to try a solve real-world problems with programming to change the world. Cynthia hopes her innovative approach can improve flood prediction models, specifically for areas with spring flooding. She hopes her model can benefit many people during flood season by helping minimize property damage and helping with risk reduction.
Leonardo - Leonardo Cui is a grade 11 student at FHS. Having grown up next to the Saint John river, he has experienced the devastating impacts of flooding. After attending SHAD in 2018, Leonardo was inspired to use artificial intelligence to address this issue. Together with his sister, they managed to create a prediction model to predict flood levels using AI. In addition to programming, Leonardo has passions for the sciences and technology and using it to improve the world. He volunteers at his local science museum and works in his school’s tech crew. He rows at the Fredericton Rowing Club and is the current provincial champion in U17 fencing. Having an affinity for strategic thinking, Leonardo enjoys playing chess. He has represented New Brunswick in many national competitions and represented Canada at the World Youth Chess Olympiad as part of Team Canada. He co-chairs the local chess club and since chess helps brian development and slows brian degeneration, works actively to promote chess in schools and nursing homes. Leonardo hopes that this machine learning model can accurately and efficiently predict flood levels and result in a step towards addressing the costly and damaging issue of the annual Saint John River flood.

Cynthia Cui, Leonardo Cui

An Innovative Flood Prediction System Using Improved Machine Learning Approach
Région:North-West New Brunswick
Ville:Fredericton, NB
École:Fredericton High School
Sommaire:Flooding is a chaotic, common, and naturally occurring pattern in the spring of New Brunswick. Flood prediction is important for natural disaster prevention and helps risk reduction, policy suggestions, and reduction of property damage. Based on current research on flood prediction, this project integrates artificial intelligence, geographical information, and local environment features into an online application system specifically for spring flood predictions in Canada.

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