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I am excited to be representing 4-h Canada this year as one of their representatives. 4-H is a big part of my life and I have been a member for 7 years and have taken many projects but participation in the annual science fair, the exhibition and volunteering have been the highlights of the program. After completing a science project last year on whether items found on the beach would stop or slow down bacteria or mold growth it was found that seaweed slowed mold growth of bread in ziplock bags. Seaweed was also found to have many health benefits for those who consume it. This year, the project was taken one step further to test different amounts of seaweed in a bread roll recipe that would be needed to increase the shelf life of bread naturally and a few people taste-tested the product. My future plans are to become a math and science teacher.

Caelan DeViller

Does Seaweed Help Reduce Mold Growth in Bread Rolls?
Région:4-H Canada
Ville:lower wegdeport, NS
École:Drumlin Heights Consolidated School
Sommaire:After discovering last year that seaweed slowed down mold growth of bread in ziplock bags and provides several health benefits to consumers, different amounts of seaweed (chrondrus) was baked in bread rolls to determine if it would increase the shelf life naturally without affecting the overall taste.