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CWSF 2020 - ,

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My name is Parth Shah and I am the creator of Intuition: Web-Based Content Scraper. I currently attend Swift Current Comprehensive High School in Swift Current, Saskatchewan as a Grade 10 student. I have previously attended CWSF in 2017 and have a passion for my academics and physical-wellbeing. Mobile apps are easy to use, accessible, and extremely efficient in performing most tasks nowadays away from your computer; whether it be liking Cindy’s new Facebook post, or writing your biography for the national science fair. Unfortunately, although people may be intrigued by apps and interested in making their own, the resources and time simply aren't there. People think of app development as a gruesome, tiring task with a small reward considering how bloated the industry appears to be. I felt the same way when I started developing Intuition, a service designed to eliminate this problem completely. Although it is not completely ready for shipment yet, I have plans on expansion and further improvements that are in the works to refine Intuition. My piece of advice for anyone aspiring to develop any sort of project is to stay true to your goals and be patient; success is never a one night story.

Parth Shah

Mind the gAIt: Deciphering Gait Patterns With AI Powered Machine Learning
Region:Saskatchewan Chinook
City:Swift Current, SK
School:Swift Current Comprehensive High School