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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Hi!My name is Fanny, Yu-An Wang. This time, through participating in Taiwan International Science Fair, I luckily obtained the chance to visit this unfamiliar country, Canada. I just hope my English can communicate with foreigners. I have numerous different hobbies. Unlike most of my classmates, I prefer listening to classical music rather than modern music. I like to immerse myself in piano songs. My favorite interest has to be sports. In spite of my bad basketball skill, I’m always fond of feeling the excitement when watching other people play. In fact, I’m planning to learn tennis. I extremely adore some world-famous tennis players. When speaking of school activities, the first thing came to my mind was our fantastic school fair. Every time the bustling atmosphere always relieved me of the overwhelming pressure. For community activities, I used to visit the elderly in the nursing home with my grandparents. Unfortunately, my free time has been much decreased. In the future, I want to learn and even master another foreign language like Spanish. Traveling abroad and experiencing exotic cultures after graduating from university are my biggest dreams. They can definitely broaden my horizons. I believe I will carry them out someday.

Fanny Wang

A Twist on Twisting Curves
Division:International / None
Region:Taiwan, R.O.C.
City:Kaohsiung, Other
Abstract:Starting from the problem in AMC competition, we discuss the trace formed when a regular polygon (n sides) rolls upon another regular polygon (m sides) and the related parametric equations of the loci. Furthermore, we employ the dynamic geometry software Cabri Geometry to simulate the movements of the plate which we developed and patented (M305759) into a commercial game.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Foundation Canada