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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Glendon Hass is a Grade 8 student who currently attends Red Deer Lake School south of Calgary. Glendon is an honor with distinction student in all five core subjects for the past two years. Last year Glendon attended the National Science Fair in Saguenay, Québec and won Silver in the Life Sciences category with Rain of Terror. Glendon is an accomplished musician who can play the ukulele, saxophone, and piano. He is an active member within the school community and is involved with the tech crew and drama production. Glendon loves the outdoors and is an avid cook. He hopes to become an engineer when he finishes school.

Glendon Hass

The Zeolite Exchange
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / None
Region:Chinook Country
City:Calgary, AB
School:Red Deer Lake School
Abstract:The Zeolite Exchange studied whether it would be possible to use zeolite to change the harmful chemical composition of shallow gas sludge and reduce its environmental impact. Zeolite effectively reduced the Sodium Adsorption Ratio to an acceptable level for soil structure and plant health. At 20% zeolite by weight, plant germination was not affected and plant growth was enhanced.

Awards Value
Petro-Canada Peer Innovation Award - Junior
Western Canada
Sponsor: Petro-Canada
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$1 000.00
Bronze Medal - Earth & Environmental Sciences
Sponsor: Petro-Canada
Total$1 500.00