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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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My name is Nigel Gregory and I am in grade eight attending Mackenzie Mountain School. I haved lived in Norman Wells now for almost two years now and gained alot respect from teachers here. I have a dog by the name of taz. also my parents are divorced and I live with my mother while my father lives in Newfoundland. My hobbies and interests include collecting fossils and vintage hockey cards, playing hockey with my friends, and reading. Over the years I have recieved many awards including top student of the year, second lanuage award, honours overall,and the math and science award. At the moment I don't have a career plan or post secondary education plan.

Nigel Gregory

Left or Right?
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Norman Wells, NT
School:Mackenzie Mountain School
Abstract:This project studied the dominance of the body. It determined which side of the body was more commonly used by the people around us. After the experiment was conducted it revealed that 76% of preferred to people used their right side over only 34% who preferred their left.