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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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I was born and raised in Fort St. John, BC and enjoy living and learning in the North. I am a Grade 9 student, currently enrolled in Dr. Kearney Junior Secondary. This is my second CWSF and was happy to receive two bronze medals at the 2006 CWSF. In my spare time I enjoy competing and performing in Irish Dance. I also enjoy playing the piano and pursuing outdoor activities with my family.

Kimberly Gulevich

Biodiesel: Does it make Cents?
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Automotive
Region:Northern British Columbia
City:Fort St. John, BC
School:Dr Kearney Jr Secondary
Abstract:This project studied the practicality of biodiesel by researching the argument of food versus fuel, comparing the energy efficiencies of biodiesel and petroleum diesel, and studying the effect of temperature on biodiesel. Blends of biodiesel were found to be the most practical for northern temperatures, as well as the most practical for current canola production.