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ESPC 2007 - Truro (Nouvelle-Écosse)

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Janet - Hello, my name is Janet Chan, a responsible, free spirited 15 year old born on March 18th, 1992. My elementary years took place at Gledhill P.S., where I received the Academic Achievement Award. Ah, yes, those were the good old days where we still had recess. Later on, I went to D.A. Morrison Middle School, earning several first class honors and now, I’ve currently entered my first year of high school at Danforth C.T.I. Bibi, my over-weight golden retriever likes parks just as much as I do. I absolutely LOVE what Mother Nature has to offer, which is why I enjoy hiking, planting, night walks, running in wide open fields, being with animals or anything that has to do with the stunning outdoors. Drawing, painting, playing my flute, reading, track, badminton and loved ones are other necessities of my life. Compassion, adventure, wisdom and honesty are things I value. I dream of going to University and becoming a teacher one day, or someone who helps others to fulfill their goals, just as others, including family, friends and teachers have helped me along this funny journey of life.
Melanie DucBo - My name is Melanie Massey and in my spare time I love to read, draw, paint, and swim. My favourite authors are Stephen King, Terry Goodkind, and Anne Rice. I absolutely ADORE the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (and all musical theatre) and my favourite actor is Tim Curry. I also love the show "House" which has me wanting to be a doctor when I grow up. On that note, I recently got my Bronze Cross and am trained in CPR :) I've been an artist all my life and this certainly gave both my parter Janet and I initiative to proceed with our project. Last year I won the Art Award at graduation from my old school, and it was interesting this year to combine both my love of art and sciences. I also take sewing lessons and am very interested in costume design. A few friends and I briefly ran a Costume Club at our school - it didn't work out, but was still fun anyway. I guess the only other thing I can say now is I'm really looking forward to the trip to Nova Scotia!

Janet Chan, Melanie DucBo Massey

Blood Pressure and Pulse
Division:Sciences de la vie / Aucun
Ville:Toronto, ON
École:Danforth Collegiate & Technical Inst.
Sommaire:The purpose of these experiments were to determine the effects of a) colour stimuli; b) sound stimuli; c) caffeine; and d) sound stimuli (again) on the effects of blood pressure and pulse. For d) focus was done as well. It was found that a) warm colours; b) fast songs; and c) Coca-cola increased blood pressure the most. Focus went up as the music became slower.