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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Jordan C. - Biography of Jordan Christopher Wisenberg Jordan Christopher Wisenberg was born in Toronto, Canada on February 16, 1994. Jordan is a student at Upper Canada College in Toronto where he is currently enrolled in Grade seven. Jordan is an Honours student who has many diverse interests. He is Class Representative and Colour House Captain for the Prep. He is an avid and proficient athlete and has participated on many school teams including Rugby, Volleyball and Track and Field. Jordan also plays trumpet in both the Prep Band and the Jazz Band. Jordan also plays piano, drums and guitar and plays electric guitar in his own Rock Band, Blue Noise. Jordan is also a gifted actor and has earned starring roles in many school productions over the past few years. Jordan's extracurricular interests include composing music, BMX biking, golf and downhill skiing. Jordan is a member of Alpine Canada K1 racing and has won medals in his category for Slalom and Giant Slalom. Finally, Jordan has a passion for the sport of Paintball. His team's entry, "Project Paintball" won a gold medal at the Toronto Sci-Tech Fair and a position on the Ontario team at the 2007 Canada Wide Science Fair.
Colby Miles - My name is Colby De Zen and my school is Upper Canada College which is in Toronto. I am twelve years old and in Grade 7. I have several hobbies and interests. These include soccer, basketball, football, watching movies, msn/facebook, paintball and playing with my friends. In soccer I play sweeper for my school team and for teams in the summer I play striker and right wing.Our school has actively involved us in helping the homeless and we go on a monthly basis to help them in the shelter. Paintball is a strategic sport which helps you to develop quick physical reactions and requires you to use your mind. The basic steps in paintball are fast reflexes; know where your opponent is, think on your feet and most importantly have fun pretending to be an army soldier but not causing loss of life. I like to travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited several places. I enjoyed surfing in Hawaii and going to Montreal to play soccer for the finals. My future plans is to develop my soccer skills and perhaps play professional soccer one day. Or follow in my family business of real estate development.

Jordan C. Wisenberg, Colby Miles De Zen

Project Paintball
Division:International / None
City:Toronto, ON, Toronto , ON
School:Upper Canada College
Abstract:This experiment was designed to determine the best brand of polythene glycol paint projectile.The hypothesis is: the paintball with the heaviest filling and lightest shell will have the greatest velocity and accuracy. Four brands of paintballs and a total of 400 projectiles, ( 100 of each brand) were analyzed and tested. The results confirmed our hypothesis.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Sponsor: Encana Corporation