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CWSF 2007 - Truro, Nova Scotia

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Mathieu - I was born in Ottawa and moved to Vancouver when I was three years old. I attend a french school named Rose-Des-Vents, located in the west side of Vancouver. I play many sports including soccer, field hockey, volleyball, basketball, and I also enjoy mountain biking and skiing. My hobbies include paintball, reading and playing Xbox.
Shayne - My name is Shayne Fernandes; I am 12 going to 13. My parents come from two different countries my dad comes from India and my mom from France. I was born in Kuwait, the country next to Saudi Arabia. I leaved there for 9 years. I was going to a French private school where I enjoyed the most talking math and science class. I had friends from diverse nationalities. We were all part of a French soccer team and In Kuwait; soccer is one of our biggest hobbies. I left Kuwait because of conflicts in the Middle East and arrived in Vancouver 3 and half years ago. Canada opened its arms and so did Rose-Des-Vents my school. My hobbies these days are drawing, sports, reading, science and math. One of my personal interests is traveling and discovering the world with multiple facets. My focus in life is to become an archeologist, I hope to discover new elements to help the world understand it self. I want to thank averybody for the opportunity you gave me to take part of this fantastic experience and for my self discovery.

Mathieu Weary, Shayne Fernandes

La Super Colle
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / None
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:Vancouver, BC
School:École Rose-des-Vents
Abstract:Nous avons fabriqué une colle à base de riz et y avons ajouté trois polymères; de l'os, de la barbe de moules, et des algues afin de l'améliorer. Nous avons testé la force de nos colles avec des bouchons de liège et un ressort. Nous avons testé nos colles contre la colle Crayola et nous avons constaté que la colle Crayola était meilleure.