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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Lance is a grade 7 student at Clayburn Middle Secondary School in Abbotsford. Lance lives with his Mom, Dad, brother Joel and his dog Diesel. Lance loves to play sports like baseball, hockey, snowboarding and mountain biking. His favorite subjects in school are Technolody Education and PE. Lance has a bilateral hearing loss in both ears of 45-60% and wears hearing aids during school. Lance and his brother Joel have operated a small vending machine business for several years. Lance also enjoys refereeing hockey and umpirering baseball. Lance is excited about being filmed in April for the Think Big TV young inventors show in Toronto.

Lance Jelinski

Division:Health Sciences / None
Region:Fraser Valley
City:Abbotsford, BC
School:Clayburn Middle School
Abstract:HydroGaurd is a portable hydration system made from a mouth guard that has a water tube moulded into it. When suction is applied water is drawn through this tube that is attached to a water bladder held in a pouch on your hockey shoulder pads. I've used the HydroGaurd and it works great, my coach and teammates all want to have one!