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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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In 1993, I was born in Latvia, the small Northern-Europian country on the Baltic Sea shore. I lived in a small family with my mother and brother. In 1997, I started Kindergarten, in the capital city of Latvia, Riga. In December of 1999, I came to Canada for the first time. I was 6 years old and I didn't speak English. In 2000, I started Grade 1 in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. In 2002, My family moved to live in the partly isolated northern community, Flin Flon, Manitoba. I am actively involed in sports, music, and outdoor activities. I love animals, nature, and science. The year 2003 was the first year I participated in the local science fair. In 2007, I was fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to participate in the Canada-Wide Science Fair, held in Nova Scotia. In 2008, I am honoured to go to Ottawa for this CWSF. I am considering becoming a veterinarian or chemist.

Katrina Vikse

Acid vs Lime
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
Region:Northern Manitoba
City:Flin Flon, MB
School:Ruth Betts School
Abstract:The objects of my study/experiment are limestone and mine-developed acid. The project studies interaction between “acid” and “lime”. The results showed that there is a high level of acidity in the mining area, and that limestone is a natural and organic method to reduce acid. The project advocates for people’s purposeful involvement and activities involving spreading limestone that should reproduce vegetation in the mining communities.