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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a grade 10 student from South Kamloops Secondary. I am an active member in student clubs such as Global Awareness and Students Council in my school. After school I volunteer at the local hospital as a candy striper, and am part of the interior BC Hydro Powersmart student program. Last summer I worked full time for the Fraser Basin Council and spent a week working at Agriculture Canada with a team of scientists. Most recently, I attended the B.C. Youth Action Dialogue in Vancouver where youth adressed environmental issues with the Premier of B.C. I first found I was interested in science when I competed at the regional science fair in grade 5. After that, I competed every year in elementary school and went to the nationals in grade 7. This year I decided to compete at the regionals again, where I won a gold medal along with four significant awards, including Best in Fair. In my spare time I enjoy playing soccer, skiing, reading, and being with my friends. I plan to attend UBC where I am interested in pursuing a career in either medical or environmental science.

Nicole Goldring

Mountain Pine Beetle: The Silent Fire
Division:Engineering & Computing Sciences / Environmental Innovation
Region:Cariboo Mainline
City:Kamloops, BC
School:Kamloops Secondary
Abstract:This project studied and determined the effects of CO2 release from mature lodgepole pine after attack from mountain pine beetle and how it will contribute to climate change. Through data analysis and identification of significant variables, I was able to determine total CO2 release from cumulative hectares of attacked lodgepole pine. Results have given new and valuable insight on this topic.

Awards Value
Australian National Youth Science Forum Award
$2 500.00
Total$2 500.00