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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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My name is Rikell Kowalchuk. I am very athletic, and I take part in many in-school and out-of-school activities. I play hockey, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and I also take track. I am also very interested in music and art. I take piano lessons, and am doing my gr. 7 RCM exam this year. I am also a part of my school's drama production, and in dance (tap and jazz). Some of my hobbies are hanging out with friends, watching movies, bikerides, reading, painting, and playing the piano.

Rikell Kowalchuk

The Best Defenseman
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences / None
City:Foam Lake, SK
School:Foam Lake Composite High School
Abstract:Throughout the hockey season I have noticed that I develop a case of eczema due to the bacteria on my equipment. There are ways to clean equipment, but these methods are expensive and can also be harmful for your skin. I tested the efficacy of UV radiation in killing the bacteria on hockey equipment, finding successful results.