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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hannah - Hannah is one of seven people in her school's Vocal Jazz Ensemble. She has done her first musical arrangement for them. After doing tap dance for nine years, ballet for three and jazz dance for one, she decided to join figure skating with her friend and science fair partner Emilie. Hannah enjoys figure skating so much that she has done her science fair project about it. This is Hannah's first Canada Wide Science Fair but she has been dreaming about going to the CWSF for years.
Emilie - Emilie is involved in many things. She is an avid figure skater and dancer. Emilie is also very musical. She enjoys singing all different genres of music and plays the guitar, piano, and flute. Science is her favorite subject in school and she wishes to become a marine biologist after school. This is her first CWSF.

Hannah Bild-Enkin, Emilie Tranter

Speeding Spins: The Physics Behind a Figure Skating Spin
Division:International / None
Region:Vancouver Island
City:Victoria, BC
School:Esquimalt Community School, Glenlyon Norfolk School
Abstract:We studied the effects of arm position on the angular speed of a figure skating spin. We video-taped one of us, our coach, and we found a video of an Olympic medalist. We had our coach do the spin with masses in her hands. With greater masses, she allowed more friction to slow her down. With less experience, more friction affected the skater’s spins.