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CWSF 2008 - Ottawa, Ontario

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Hi my name is Alexandria Furlotte and I am 15 year old girl from the small city of Bathurst located in Northern N.B. I am a typical teenager who spends her time playing sports and spending time with friends. My favorite sports are basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, track and field, as you can see I pretty much love all sports. My interest in science fair began in middle school as it was a requirement to do a project each year. This developed a real interest in science for me and I hope someday to pursue a career in the field of science. The coolest things about this year’s National Science Fair is about the many awesome tours and the fact that my younger brother is here with his project at National’s with me. Alexandria Furlotte

Alexandria Furlotte

Now you see it now you don't!
Division:Life Sciences / None
City:Bathurst, NB
School:Bathurst High School
Abstract:I chose to do my project on what are the effects of caffeine and hydrochloric acid on calcite (kidney stones) and dolomite (gallstones)? I predict that caffeine and acid will reduce the size of kidney stones and gallstones in some way, shape or form.