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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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I am Ishan Acharya, born in India in 1996 and immigrated to Canada in the year of 2001. My dad is a mechanical engineer and my mom is a chemical engineer. I have a younger sister who is 6 years old. I go to Calvin Park Public School and my teachers there are really cool! One of my favourite school activities is Lego Robotics in which I have won a few medals. I play many sports such as tennis and soccer. I am a vegetarian and like Indian foods. I also like to eat fruits and my most favourite are Mangoes and Custard Apples. In community events, I have taken part in many stage performances. Once I played as Gandhi and another time I was George Bush!! Besides English, I can speak other languages from India such as Gujarati and Hindi. I want to learn more about animals and enjoy space activities as well.

Ishan Acharya

Wind Turbines - Let's Go Green
Division:Health Sciences / Environmental Innovation
Region:Frontenac, Lennox & Addington
City:Kingston, ON
School:Calvin Park P.S.
Abstract:This project is about wind turbines, how to improve their efficiency. It includes trying different combinations of the blades to discover the best design. The 1st part of the experiment concludes 6 blades, an 80° angle and a concave shape is best, the 2nd part with a tunnel gave different results. It concludes that the wind speed is a main factor to design the blades.