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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Nick - My hobbies are hockey,golf, and Sea Cadets. I am involved with the Espanola Hockey League as a Goal Tender, as well as the school team. Hockey is fun and a good way to make friends. I like golf, it is my favourite sport in the summer. I enjoy golfing with my Dad and my grandparents, as well as with my friends. I just joined Sea Cadets last fall, which I am really enjoying. I will be going to cadet camp this summer for two weeks, in Kingston Ontario. We will be learning a lot about sailing, among other things. My favourite subjects in school are Science and music. My career plans are to go to University on an athletic scholarship, to study astronomy and join the space program.
Josh - My name is Joshua Semeniuk. I am 12 years old and I live in Espanola, a small town located about 45 minutes drive west of Sudbury in Northern Ontario. I have a variety of interests and I am in many different sports, such as : house league hockey and school hockey team, baseball, Sea Cadets. My favourite sport is downhill skiing. I just obtained my boater's licence. I am learning to play guitar and I play saxophone in the school band. I have been a paper boy for our local newspaper for four years. I love to build stuff like forts and things that I think up. I enjoy playing with my younger sister and brother. I am responsible for babysitting them after school and during the summer. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Canada-Wide Science Fair. I know this experience will help me with my plans for an engineering career.

Nick Houle, Josh Semeniuk

Solar vs Wind
Division:International / Environmental Innovation
Region:North Channel
City:Espanola, ON
School:A.B. Ellis P.S.
Abstract:Our project is about comparing solar power versus wind power. The amount of solar power generated was determined with a solar panel. The amount of wind power generated was determined with a homemade wind turbine. As well, light bulb efficiency was tested. We concluded that using energy created from wind or solar light when combined with using fluorescent lights is the best for the environment.