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CWSF 2009 - Winnipeg, Manitoba

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My full name is John William Stewart MacMillan. I am fifteen years old, and I live in Miramichi, New Brunswick. I am a Grade 10 student at Miramichi Valley High School, but I am currently taking Grade 12 courses in mathematics and Java programming. I play the piano at RCM level 8, violin at level 7, and alto saxophone in my school's band. I am also a member of the school's drama club and junior varsity volleyball team. After finishing high school, I plan to study medicine; I will look into the fields of radiology and neurology, and choose one of these two specialties. I may also take a theatre course and begin acting part-time after a few years of working in my chosen medical field. I have won several awards in public speaking, mathematics competitions, music festivals, use of technology, and overall academic excellence.

John MacMillan

Division:Earth & Environmental Sciences / None
Region:River Valley
City:Miramichi, NB
School:Miramichi Valley High School
Abstract:The purpose of this project was to test cognitive reaction times of athletes vs non-athletes and males vs females to visual and auditory stimuli. The results indicated that, within the selected age group, each group of subjects reacted more quickly to one stimulus and less quickly to the other. Overall, visual reaction was faster than auditory reaction.