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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Reed enjoys football and wall-ball with his school buddies at recess and lunchtime. Reed has participated in food drives and assisted at the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank and is a Snow Angel, cleaning snow from the walks of an elderly neighbour. Reed loves the block he lives on because he plays a lot of outdoor activities including Hard Core Ball Tag with his neighborhood friends. Reed likes computer gaming, chess, rockets, Lego and 3D modeling with Google Sketch-Up. He enjoys downhill skiing, skating and especially riding his Brodie, Force mountain bike. He’s planning to take a mountain bike course at Canada Olympic Park this summer. His favourite cars are the Smart Cabriolet and Chevy Camaro. Reed is planning to attend university to attain a Computer Assisted Design, CNC Machine Tool, or other type of engineering degree. Reed was honoured to have received a silver medal at last year’s CYSF for his project “Ethanol – Fuel for the Future”, which included a cash prize from the Association of the Chemical Professionals of Alberta which he put towards his new bike. Reed enjoyed playing two seasons of baseball and is currently enjoying Karate lessons.

Reed Demofsky

Carbon to Go!
Division:Health Sciences
Region:Calgary Youth
City:Calgary, AB
School:Calgary Science School
Abstract:This experimental project explored the effectiveness of carbon dioxide absorption in brine water. Carbon dioxide was released into four different levels of saline solution and measured for acidity. The jars with the least amount of salinity absorbed the CO2 best. Carbon sequestration in saline aquifers can be a good solution to get rid of our planet’s green house gases.