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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Matthew - I have always adored the concept of engineering and science. I remember telling my parents when I was in grade 6 about how I wanted to become an engineer. As a result of my interests, many of my friends and I would constantly come up with new ideas for projects and things we wanted to build. Things we learn in school often inspire new kinds of projects. In grade 11, a good friend of mine and I started a club at our school for those interested in science and engineering. Through this club, we participate in science fairs and various other competitions. In addition to activities involving science, I spend a great deal of time in the West Vancouver Youth Band as a trumpet player. I also played many years of lacrosse, and i enjoy skiing and mountain biking. Fortunately, I will be attending the University of Waterloo next year (my parents and brother attended Waterloo, and it has almost been my dream to be a student and Waterloo).
Nicholas - I have lived in Vancouver for the majority of my life. I never really took a specific interest in science, or engineering until last year, after having seen various labs in different universities. However, I am also passionate about music, and have applied to many universities for a degree in music. After my success in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair, I realized that perhaps I do have the skill, and intelligence to pursue a career in engineering, and now strive to juggle my various disciplines in order to achieve this.

Matthew McRoberts, Nicholas Mani-Flower

Man-Made Muscle
Division:Life Sciences
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:West Vancouver, BC
School:Sentinel Secondary
Abstract:This project demonstrates the use of electromagnetic devices to create artificial muscle. These devices can be used as prosthetic limbs, or simply tools to make work easier for humans, especially in dangerous or small environments.

Awards Value
Honourable Mention - Engineering
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada