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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Hi, I'm Melissa Michelle Renn, age 13 and attend grade 8 french immersion in Yarmouth Nova Scotia. I'm Triligual and speak Spanish, English and French. I have participated in two Regional Heritage Fairs. My topics were “My father's Background” and with my twin sisters' assistance the “History of Port Royale” complete with period costumes for which we received the Honourable Laurier L. Lapierre Medal. Last year I participated in the Regional Science Fair with “La Batterie de Citron.” This year, my project is “L'Energie du vent” for which I received four awards. I love reading, swimming, playing music and performed in a Latin band where I sang and played the keyboards, guitar and bass . I play flute in the Junior High Band I enjoy being a team player and was involved in two live theater plays “The Wizard of Oz” and “Oliver Twist” I have my Bronze Medallion in Lifesaving. My life is busy, but I like to have time to spend with my family and enjoy watching movies together. I love traveling because I learn about diffent places and cultures and can visit my families who reside in Ontario and South America.

Melissa Renn

L'Energie du Vent
Division:Physical & Mathematical Sciences
City:Yarmouth, NS
School:Yarmouth Junior High School
Abstract:Mon projet « L'énergie du vent » démontre qu'un moulin à vent qui tourne verticalement peut être une alternative au commun horizontal moulin à vent et que c'est possible de produire de l'énergie en utilisant une ressource naturelle comme le vent qui protège l'environnement. Le moulin à vent a été essayé avec cinq différentes formes de lames pour déterminer qu'elle lame produit le plus d'électricité.