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CWSF 2010 - Peterborough, Ontario

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Hey, I am Christopher Vallo Lansang.I'm in Gr.7 attending George Waters Middle School in Winnipeg.I am currently 13 since January 3rd.I'm very proud of being Filipino Asian.I am kind of known for that.I love to draw cartoon animals.I've been known as the "smartest kid in my class", and "Mr.Perfect" because of my apparent high grades, teeth, hair & personality. I don't think of myself that way though, I'm just a regular kid. I've joined our school's basketball team, and I have no experience in Basketball whatsoever,but I do my best.We all have to start somewhere.I've won numerous awards, like coming 1st in our division's French Verse Competition, which i recited a french poem.I've participated in science fair for 4 years, almost all of which i got silver, until now. I also have a few memorial rewards at our school, and an overall academic achievement award to name a couple.I believe i wasn't just born with this, but only after doing my best & working hard. Ever since I was young my parents pushed me to work hard in school for my future, and I love them for that.OH, and i love to eat food. YUM! (:

Chris Lansang

Take a Deep Breath
Region:St. James-Assiniboia
City:Winnipeg, MB
School:George Walters Middle School
Abstract:My project deals with vital capacity,the amount of air you can force out after inhaling deeply.Important for doctors,athletes,musicians.Anyone using their lungs(you).This was tested with balloons,a ruler,a specific volume chart, and friends and family to test it on. Teenagers, the age 13-18 had the highest volume.It all depends on how you treat your lungs,and what conditions you are in.