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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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I love reading, playing badminton, and studying origami, but above all I love doing math the most. My first inspiration to study math problems came from entering a math competition. After that, not only have I broadened my horizons but I met lots of friends interested in math as well. On vacation, I sometimes participate in math activities like the 九章(Chiu-Chang)club and summer camps.

Hsin-Po Wang

The Rotating Table
Region:Taiwan, R.O.C.
City:Taipei City,
Abstract:The inspiration for this study comes from the problem < International Mathematics Tournament of the Towns, Senior A-Level Paper, Fall 2009, No. 7 >. The problem can be traced back to Martin Gardner's article The Rotating Table, which appeared in Scientific American in Feb. 1979. We analyzed the generalization of this problem onto the Platonic solids.

Awards Value
Gold Medal - International
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada