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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Joseph (Joey) Gelowitz and I am a grade eight student who is homeschooled via Argyll Centre. This is my 8th year competing in Science Fair and my second visit to CWSF. I cannot express how much attending CWSF 2010 changed my outlook for my education and future and I made a number of wonderful life-long friends. I play soccer, volleyball and badminton, and during the winter months I snowboard. I live in the country, so mountain biking and fishing with my friends is my favourite summer activity. I play the tenor sax with my intructor and I enjoy volunteering in the community and serving mass at my church. Reading is one of my passions and I always have a book with me and especially enjoyed reading Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie while cruising down the Nile this past December. I work on the family farm in the summer and attend Farmer's Markets selling our home-raised fruit. I am very grateful to the sponsors of the Central Alberta Regional Science Fair for helping me to continue my work.

Joseph Gelowitz

Reflecting on Refractions
Region:Central Alberta
City:Crossfield, AB
Abstract:This project uses Snell’s Law to confirm the hypothesis that light will slow down and refract more when passing through darker and thicker materials. 1,015 measurements were taken using different materials and containers to calculate the index of refraction from the angle of refraction, and ultimately the speed of light.