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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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My name is Reid Braaten. I am currently enrolled as a Grade 9 student at Carlton Comprehensive Highschool. I turned 15 on April 29th. My interests at school are Basketball, Volleyball, Outdoor Education Club, Band, Math, English, Shop Classes and Phys Ed. My interests outside of school include Guitar, Computers, Video Games, TV, working with dad, playing outside, and hanging out with friends. I am currently employed as a lifeguard at Frank J. Dunn Pool. I am taking classes to become a swimming lesson instructor. As a grade 8 student, I received the Merit award for leadership. I have played guitar for 7 years and still enjoy it. My summers are spent at the lake, hanging out on the beach and riding my bike.

Reid Braaten

Wood Types: A Test to See Which Holds the Most
Region:Prince Albert & Northeast Saskatchewan
City:Prince Albert, SK
School:Carlton Comprehensive High School
Abstract:My project this year was to see what type of wood is the strongest when nailed together and then pulled apart. I nailed two peices of wood together, and then hung a pail on them. I filled the pail with weight and kept adding until they pulled apart. I also changed types of nails and tested more than once to help confirm my results.