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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Hi my name is Hope Makpah, I am from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. I am in Grade 10 at Maani Ulujuk Ilinniarvik. I have 4 older brothers and no sisters. I like listening to music, singing, I enjoy watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I have been to a two week white water canoe expedition for leadership skills in NWT, which was the most exciting experience I had, and plus I was given high school credits for attending the leadership program. This is my first time doing a science project in the science fair, and i was selected to go to the Regional Science Fair, and was in Third Place, and selected to go to Nationals.

Hope Makpah

Optical Illusions
City:Rankin Inlet, NU
School:Maani Ulujuk H.S.
Abstract:The purpose of my experiment was to determine which age group and gender were more capable of seeing optical illusions. I had different students fill out a survey and complete the tests. Each individual was given 1 minute to try and see the illusion. I concluded that both genders were equally successful and that older students had a higher percentage of correct answers.