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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Raymond R M - My name is Raymond, and I was born in Nanjing, China. Together with my parents, I moved to Vancouver on my second birthday. Currently, I attend Grade 7 at St. George’s School. Language is one of my favorite subjects. I am fluent in English, French and Mandarin. I scored perfect in BCFSA’s writing section in both Grade 4 and 7. I enjoy Math Olympiads, ranking in the Top 3 of the grade this year. I am involved in many sports, including Floor Hockey, Volleyball, and Basketball. I am proud to have served the swim team for 5 years. I am proficient in the arts, receiving Fine Arts Scholarships and Outstanding Musician Trophies. My musical interests include playing the piano (RCM 10), clarinet (RCM 8) and French horn (Self-taught). I am involved in extracurricular activities, including Model UN and Public Speaking. I am keen in computing, reading manuals since I was 3. I installed my first Operating System when I was 7. In fifth grade, I created a newspaper, known as “Dragon’s Monthly” to promote eco-friendly activities (e.g. Recycling). I have a passion in creating animations, all winning awards at film festivals. I am currently mastering programming in LISP and BASIC.
Ty - My name is Ty Zhang, and I am from St George's Junior School. I have just recently been admitted, before I was educated at a public school in Richmond. My special intrests includes swimming, chess, economics, basketball, and golf, which I am currently pursuing at a competitive level. Currently my plans is to try my best to get a post-secondary degree, and hopefully become admitted to a high-end university. The achievement I am most proud of is winning a short novel contest a few years back. I look forward to the great exprience of the CWSF!

Raymond R M Wang, Ty Zhang

Weather Harvester
Region:Greater Vancouver
City:Vancouver, BC
School:St George's School
Abstract:Energy crisis and the severe weather are two of the biggest problems facing us today. Precipitation contained potential energy, and wind had kinetic energy. A piezoelectric roof was innovated that had a potential to be widely implemented to harvest and store weather energy. Experimentation timed the speed the Weather Harvester collected a specific amount of energy under actual weather conditions. Results proved our innovation feasible.

Awards Value
CSSE Engineering Innovation Award
Sponsor: Canadian Society for Senior Engineers
Excellence Award - Junior
Gold Medal
Sponsor: Youth Science Canada
$1 500.00
The University of Western Ontario Scholarship
Gold Medallist - $4000 Entrance Scholarship
Sponsor: University of Western Ontario
$4 000.00
Total$6 000.00