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CWSF 2011 - Toronto, Ontario

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Kwey Kakina, my name is Jenna Dumont I am a 17 year old Algonquin, I live on the Kitigan Zibi Reserve & I am presently in grade 11. I live with my mother and I am a sister to three boys.I enjoy playing basket-ball, soccer, volley-ball, running, and track. I enjoy hanging out with friends and keeping myself active in sports. When I am done highschool I plan on taking a year off to recover from my surgery and then following my future goals in becoming an esthetitican.

Jenna Dumont

Region:Aboriginal Québec Autochtone
City:Maniwaki, QC
School:Kitigan Zibi Kikinamadinan
Abstract:I choose to do my research project on scoliosis because I was Diagnoised with it in June. Scoliosis is a diseas which affects everyone, its important to get your back looked at every couple months. I would really love to prevent people from getting operated in which I will have to be doing in the fall. THIS IS MY MAIN GOAL!