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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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Allison - I am very involved in extra curricular activities. I enjoy playing hockey, badminton, softball, curling, and volleyball. I also enjoy playing the piano and singing in choir. Some of my favourite hobbies are cooking, scrapbooking, and studying interior design. My inspiration for my project came from my family. My older siblings have experience at CWSF and helped me along the way. I do not have any future projects planned at this point. My advice for students thinking about doing a project is, pick something that interests you first and develop a project after that. Always be original, and have fun learning and discovering something new.
Chelsea - My name is Chelsea Gruber and I am a grade 10 student from Saskatchewan. I live on a farm and love being involved with the farm life. I enjoy playing many different sports, my favourite being badminton. I also love playing musical instruments as well as singing. Our project was mainly inspired by an article on mirror neurons that my partner had found. We found them fascinating and wanted to learn more about them. I hope to learn more about mirror neurons in the next few years, and develop a greater understanding of the human brain. My advice for students thinking of doing a project would be to pick a topic that greatly interests you and stick to it. Projects will be much more enjoyable to research if you are interested in the subject.

Allison Cey, Chelsea Gruber

Stack \'Em Up
Region:Northwest Saskatchewan
City:Wilkie, SK
School:McLurg High School
Abstract:Our project was a test for mirror neurons. We were testing the difference between learning a skill after watching it being preformed and by hearing instructions. We used a basic motor skill test to compare the differences. We then related our results to brain activity.