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CWSF 2012 - Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

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I, Lakeisha Robertson, attend grade ten at the Bowden Grandview School. I have achieved honors in all the main courses, and enjoy many options such as computers, art, leadership, and cooking. Through my extra cirrucular activties have earned awards in karate, piano, swimming, and beginner spanish. I also enjoy hiking, reading, and playing quitar and piano. I was inspiried to complete this project through a public viewing for different science fair project. After hearing his idea I did some research on reuseable bags and discovered that many stores are removing the plastic bag completely. I was curious about whether or not fabric bags are actually better. In the future if I were to expand this project I would test more bags, from different user, and duribility through more washings. The advice I would give to a new participant would be to plan ahead and be focused on completing the research and project by the deadlines. They should love science as it can become a lot of work. Lastly, I would just tell them to have fun.

Lakeisha Robertson

Go Green or Grow Green
Region:Central Alberta
City:Bowden, AB
School:Bowden (Grandview) School
Abstract:People everywhere are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and go green. What happens when going green is dangerous for you? Reusable shopping bags may pose this treat when it comes to the bacteria hiding deep inside the shopping bag, even after a single use.